You’ll Never Guess The Footage On These Los Santos Security Cameras

We all know that the world of GTA V is full of insanity and mayhem caused primarily by the players. The insane stunts, crazy chases, brutal shootouts and silly mishaps typical of this comedy franchise are all part of what makes up GTA’s essence. GTA is the kind of insane franchise that puts the laughter into slaughter. Usually, the phrase “funny violence” is the kind that lands you in a padded room, however in the world of GTA, it is the status quo.


GTA V takes place on a massive playable map, with a pretty damn big city taking up most of the southern half. That city is filled with more or less one million security cameras. While one logical path to take this train of thought down would be a Watch_Dogs mod, that will be a story for another day. Instead, this is another magnificent testament to the creativity of the GTA community.

Today, we’re bringing to you a hilarious video which seeks to show you what the civilians of Los Santos are up to during their normal (read: insane) day to day lives. The video shows us why Los Santos’ daily papers have the longest obituaries on average in the world. With a healthy dose of typical Rockstar brand humor and violence, this video is about as GTA as you can get. Check it out below!

Abstract Mode, the creator of this video, was able to make it using several GTA mods and the Rockstar Editor, plus a great deal of creativity. The daily troubles of Los Santos’ decadents, cops who have “impounded” drugs, tech-oriented cryptids, citizens who confuse the concepts of toilets and pools, and the city’s paranormal side.

Would you be interested in a gameplay mechanic built around the use of security cameras?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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