You’ll Never Be Stuck In Traffic In GTA V Again

Not that anyone playing GTA ever adheres to road laws, and is therefore ever actually stuck in traffic, but this mod will make plowing through droves of vehicles that much more entertaining.

Once again, BlackSmoke Billy breaks out his trucks to show the sillier side of GTA V. Have you ever been stuck in traffic on a dreary Monday morning, fantasizing about having one of those massive jagged, sharp snow-ploughs attached to the front of your car, so you can rip through the other poor sods at full speed? Well, albeit with a less elegant solution, this mod lets you do exactly that.


Using various objects as makeshift ramps, Billy has decided to become a true terror of the roads as he runs amok with this infernal contraption. Firstly, he makes use of a cargo container skewed and attached to the front of the truck lengthwise. Speeding along the highway, he steadily scoops up vehicles in a straight line.

After a small upgrade, he takes to the roads again. We say “small”, but really all Billy did was attach the hull of a cargo ship to the front of his truck, so the range of his scooping abilities was extended to a few more lanes. He then proceeds to plow through Los Santos in what seems like a vehicular combine harvester from the eighteenth hell dimension.

But that is not all. To top things off, he adds a few more ship hulls to the beastly truck, making a massive wave-like ramp, which reaches across even the largest road found in GTA V. When he proceeds ot enter a tunnel with the thing, space and time just call it a day, and physics pisses itself.

Note that this was made possible with a trainer that significantly decreased the weight of vehicles. Will you be plowing through GTA V’s traffic with these mods?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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