You Can Now Play Fallout In GTA V

We called it. With all the trailer recreations and other smaller mods linking the two franchises together, we’ve long said that Fallout and GTA are meant for one another. Sometimes things just fit.

Of course, this could never have happened without fans of the two franchises overlapping with the modding community’s more hardcore circles, and of course the massive hype built by the impending Fallout 4 release which has fans so excited that in their anticipation, they go ahead and make the whole thing inside of another game.


We present to you Fallout: San Andreas, a massive total conversion mod for GTA V’s single player mode . It adds RPG elements such as branching dialogue trees, an inventory system, and a quest log to which you can add multiple on-going, active and inactive quests you receive from random quest-giving NPCs around the game world.

The mod also adds a whole lot of typical Fallout style mechanics such as the unique VATS aiming system, the sneak/stealth system and a stealing mechanic. As in the recent Bethesda RPGs, you have a stealth skill which determines what it takes for other NPCs to detect you while you are sneaking about, and you can steal people’s personal goods without them noticing. If they do notice you however, then you either pay a fine or get stabbed/shot/maimed/magicked/blown up to death by whoever it is whose shit you just pocketed.


The mod is currently rather content bare compared to what the author has envisioned (but it still has a whole lot more in it than most other mods), and you can expect some serious updates with all kinds of new quests, events and features.

Anyone keen on venturing out into the Blaine County Wasteland?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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