Yet Another GTA V Easter Egg Uncovered

Even three years after its initial release date GTA V continues to surprise its fans.

The GTA franchise is legendary in terms of easter eggs, with many being discovered years after launch. GTA easter eggs usually fill up top ten lists, like the beating heart of the Statue of Liberty or the “no easter eggs here” sign at the top of the de-facto Golden Gate bridge in San Andreas. GTA V has its share of easter eggs strewn about with a whole subculture trying to solve their mysteries.


One of the most recent easter eggs to be found was related to cell phone cheats. Black Cellphones has yet to be explained, though it has been documented extensively. Even though that discovery proved that there is much more to the phone than we thought, this most recent easter egg isn’t related to the phones.

Near the Alamo Sea there is a small industrial waste area filled with graffiti and abandoned equipment. Here, there is a rather inconspicuous sign with 78 and 10 on it and train tracks nearby.


This goes a tad beyond a Back to the Future reference regarding 88 mph, as some graffiti nearby depicts a small image of legendary video game icon Pac-Man, with the word “bubble” under it with stylized B’s in the shape of 88.


If we do a bit of math (or plug the numbers into a chart generator), it will tell us that 78+10 is indeed 88. Groundbreaking!

The interesting part is that we’ll get a pie-chart identical to the ratio of Pac-Man’s body-to-mouth ratio in the original designs, as well as the graffiti seen at the site. Sure, this is all circumstantial and not particularly fascinating, but we all know how Rockstar gets when hiding easter eggs. It’s nice of them to pay homage to one of the pillars of gaming history with a bit of detective work thrown in.

What other inconsequential yet charming easter eggs do you think you’ve found in GTA V?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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