Xbox One Getting Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility – Where’s GTA?

Microsoft recently started a storm online by announcing that it was introducing Xbox 360 game backwards compatibility to the Xbox One.


Backwards compatibility on current-gen consoles was a much-requested feature ever since the new consoles were announced – without the feature. The jump from last-last-gen to last-gen was significantly larger than the difference between current consoles and the previous line, as the launch titles of the Xbox One didn’t show much difference/improvement from the latter titles available on Xbox 360 (proven by the fact that some games had cross-gen releases, like GTA V) . Despite this, the Xbox 360 launched with a backwards compatibility function, and currently more than 400 original Xbox titles are compatible with the 360, which is more than half of the full library of the original Microsoft console.


At this year’s E3, Microsoft announced that they will be introducing the backwards compatibility feature to the Xbox One console gradually, with more and more games added in waves. However, to the dismay of many fans, the list is devoid of any games developed by Rockstar Games, meaning all GTA games and Red Dead Redemption. Another popular game missing from the list is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. When asked about the situation, Microsoft could only offer answer regarding Bethesda’s RPG, but there is still no word on why the Rockstar games aren’t getting the compatibility treatment.

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In the case of Skyrim, Microsoft simply stated that getting some games to work with the feature takes longer than others, so Skyrim is coming, players just need to be patient. Rockstar’s unwillingness to participate in this campaign is puzzling, however, as the developer has quite an impressive library on the Xbox 360, with extremely popular games. Of course this includes previous GTA games which would certainly sell well on the Xbox One as well a Red Dead Redemption (players are desperate for a sequel to that too). The best bet on this is that the company has run into some licensing issues, which are the main problem other game developers are experiencing with the compatibility program.

Would you guys want to see old GTA titles on the Xbox One?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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