Win GTA Liberty City Stories Themed Devices

Celebrating the recent release of the iOS port of GTA Liberty City Stories, Rockstar Games is giving away two specially decorated devices which are perfect for playing the game on. The old 3D era GTA games have been gradually ported to mobile devices, including iOS, Android and even Amazon mobiles and tablets. It all began with GTA III’s ten year anniversary back in 2011, after which all succeeding GTA games got the mobile treatment year after year.

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The porting of Liberty City Stories was leaked some time before the official announcement went live, so we knew it was coming. However this giveaway caught everyone by surprise. Rockstar is giving members of the Social Club a chance to win either one of two one-of-a-kind prizes:

an iPad Mini 4 with 128GB of storage, LTE connectivity and Touch ID fingerprint sensor


an iPhone 6S Plus with 128GB of Storage (unlocked/compatible with all cellular carriers that support the iPhone) and 3D Touch pressure sensitive screen

Both of the prizes have an extremely detailed and intricate GTA Liberty City Stories themed paint-jobs. The illustrations are dual-finish, and so high quality that they are considered automobile grade, and are handmade. Devices with the same paint-jobs will never be issued again, so the winners of either one of these prizes will be the owners of a singular item (which will probably be posted on eBay right after delivery).


This is possibly the most valuable item Rockstar has ever given away just like that, with no competition or contest constructed around it. A regular version of either these Apple products comes at a high price, and the extremely fine custom paint job will only shoot the value into astronomical numbers.

Have any of you won anything in a Rockstar giveaway before? Are you hoping to nick one of these unique prizes, or is luck not usually on your side?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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