Will GTA Online’s Heists Be Competitive, Instead of Co-op?


The mysterious promised heists continue to haunt GTA Online.

Back in April, Rockstar promised that the spring updates would include new cooperative heists for GTA Online. Fans were very excited by the news, and waited for the heist update to come.

Eventually, “Where are the heists?” became a common response to any update, until June, when Rockstar confirmed that the heists have been delayed. They’re still in GTA Online’s future… but now a new rumor suggests they might not be what fans expect.

Youtube user DomisLive posted a video of what he claims is a leak of GTA Online information. In it, he details several different types of upcoming multiplayer heists, all of which include some form of team-based competitive gameplay. For example, one mode puts 16 cops against 16 criminals trying to save a gang member. Another is a bank heist featuring 4 criminals and 16 cops.

This sort of gameplay could still be interesting, but it’s not what fans expected from the co-op heists. Although DomisLive has a good track record for GTA rumors, as he found the “I’m Not a Hipster” Update leak, this is just a rumor until we hear something official. And if it’s true, Rockstar may have a hard time appeasing disgruntled fans who wanted a true cooperative gameplay mode.

What do you think? Sound off below!

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