Will GTA Ever Expand Into A Multimedia Empire?

GTA has achieved what few other video game properties have – it has become a household name. Pretty much everyone, no matter how disinterested in video games and video game culture they are, will know what GTA is. Non-gamers will exclaim “did you learn how to drive in GTA?” when they’re almost run over by a driver at a crossing. When you’ve got that level of brand recognition outside your target audience, you know you’ve hit peak.


Game franchises with significantly smaller cultural influence and following have grown into large multimedia franchises, with novels, comics, films, series, spin-off games, collectible figures, tabletop games and other merchandise. GTA, however, stuck with multi-platform games and some limited merchandise. The only two instances of motion picture entertainment in the franchise were the GTA 2 short-film, which was little more than an over-long advertisement, and the GTA documentary “The Gamechangers“. Gamechangers was an unofficial, poorly made, biased and inaccurate film which gravitates more to fictitious drama than to real documentary.

GTA has the kind of massive following, as attested by the sales figures, the active player base, the modding community and its fandom, which would make expansion into other forms of media extremely profitable for Rockstar. This could also be an opportunity to flesh out the world, characters and story more for hardcore fans. While GTA hardly has a rigidly established lore or continuity, there is plenty of story content and world building to to add to.

Fleshing out the backstories of certain core characters through a series of comics would be a great start, for example. There have been rumors of a GTA theatrical film being in the works, however those have never had any veritable evidence to back them up, and if you think about it, it will quickly be apparent that a series would fit the franchise more. GTA has massive potential to explode into an entertainment juggernaut, but for some inexplicable reason, Take Two interactive does not seem too keen.

Would you guys like to see an expanded multimedia GTA project?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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