Why Might Rockstar Be Avoiding Story DLC?

We’ve recently written about how the release of GTA Online Freemode Events bodes ill for the possibility of us receiving any new content to continue or flesh out the narrative of GTA V’s single player aspect.

Hints that Rockstar was preparing a continuation of Franklin, Trevor and Michael’s tale of misdeeds in Los Santos popped up shortly after the initial release of GTA V, which was years ago. In the time since then, discussion of story DLC has kept popping up and dying down again and again, each time demonstrating that there are large popular demand for such content. Despite this, the lips of both Rockstar and Take Two remained sealed most of the time, and the one time they did comment, the two sources provided conflicting information.


However why, in the face of overwhelming popular demand, does Rockstar seem so averse to releasing any story DLC for GTA V? On the one hand, it might come down to pure numbers. Rockstar’s sales figures for GTA V indicated that in-game micro transactions made up a massive chunk of the profits the game in bringing in. There is also  good amount of players who outright ignore the game’s single player aspect and are only active in GTA Online. This way if Rockstar keeps focusing all resources on update GTA Online consistently with new content, they’ll secure a steady stream of new active players, meaning more players buying shark cash cards. If they released story DLC, it would most likely be a one-time purchase affair, possibly ignored by the majority of the player base, and that might mean it would provide the company with significantly less profit than supporting GTA Online would.

Another concern might be reputation and quality. GTA V was delayed several times on all platforms, because Rockstar kept wanting to add to an polish the game. It is possible that they are simply unhappy with the quality of the story DLC in its current form, but don’t currently have the resources to deal with it, which is why it is shelved indefinitely.

How popular do you think story DLC for GTA V would be?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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