Who’s Hunting Who In GTA Online’s Slasher Mode?

Rockstar recently released the newest content update for GTA Online which contained theHalloween Surprise DLC. The update introducedtwo new spooky vehicles, a new weapon in the form of the ominous flashlight, and several new masks and face paints with a Halloween theme to them.

Rockstar also kicked off a weekend event on Friday, which is still on today, dedicated entirely to Halloween. The event includes exclusive shirts you can unlock simply by logging in, a Halloween official playlist, giveaways and livestreams. Compared to a significantly less elaborate and expansive weekend event last year, Rockstar has really outdone itself for this year’s Halloween celebration.


The GTA Online DLC’s major gameplay addition, however, is the new Adversary Mode, Slasher. Slasher pits seven “Hunted”, armed with nothing but a rather hard-hitting flashlight, against the titular shotgun wielding “Slasher”. As you’ve probably guessed, the goal of Slasher, for the Slasher, is to kill everyone else, and the goal of everyone else is to not die for three minutes. After the three minutes is up they all receive shotguns as well, and can then take revenge on the Slasher for their fallen comrades.


In theory, at least. This is because some experienced and skilled GTA Online players have discovered that if you hit someone hard enough with it, the flashlight can cave in the human skull. This revelation lead to the muddying of the roles even before the three minutes are up. Slashers beware, as the vile Hunted may sneak up on you and club you in the head with their infernal flashlights!

Slasher can be currently played on five different dark and claustrophobic maps, of which the slaughterhouse is the most atmospheric. Nothing like being hunted by a gun toting murderous psychopath in cold metal rooms with nothing but the rotting carcasses of pigs hanging off comically sized meat hooks to keep you company.

Are you guys enjoying GTA Online’s newest Adversary Mode?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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