What Is The Future Of Mods In GTA?

It is quite clear to all that GTA V has a massive modding community. It is active, it is creative, it is booming, and it cannot be ignored.

People are making crazier and crazier, better and better, wackier and wackier modifications to Rockstar’s blockbuster open world crime game. Fans have been filling GTA V’s PC version to the brim with all sorts of entertaining new content.


However, we also know it ain’t all good. People using mods in GTA Online, which constitutes as cheating and/or hacking, have become a common sight. Playing Online is now a gamble – will or won’t you be put in a lobby with some cheat who invalidates the whole point of the game entirely?

Rockstar has cracked down on Online modders before, but that is a tale we’ve told a thousand times. In the end, the anti-modding methods broke the game, forcing Rockstar to back off, so now we have hackers piled upon hackers.


But what of the future? With Rockstar clearly gravitating towards GTA Online on one hand, and consoles dipping their toes into the massive pool of wonder and beauty that is modding on the other, this can go one of two rather extreme ways.

Supposing that Rockstar will, as many people fear, make the next GTA game an online only experience, they can either just ditch mods all together, making cheating and hacking so much more difficult in the whole, or they can embrace mods.


What if, with the current gen consoles gradually becoming more and more mod friendly, Rockstar just separates moddable and non-moddable lobbies from the GTA Online “2” servers? If a lobby allows some particular mods which players might want to enjoy together, you can select and activate that mod from a list of downloaded files, and get right in. However, if you’re joining a non-modded lobby, the game would detect if you have any mods activated (which it already could, by the way), and simply hit their off switch.

Do you hope to see GTA mods come to consoles in the future?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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