What Happened To The 12 New GTA Online Rides?

Finally, Rockstar has announced the Freemode Events update for GTA Online, silencing the endless rumors and speculation (or, at least, redirecting it to the GTA 6 “discussion“).

Much of the rumors have related to the  mysterious “LOW” DLC with the 12 new vehicles that were found in the game’s code. Surprisingly (not) none of the rumored features or additions actually made it into the update, at least as far as we know. There is no sex change operation, there are no Lamar missions, there are no stunt races. While some of these still have a chance of being announced, many other rumors floating around the web were as baseless as they seemed. However, there is the question of the info that started all this conjecture. The single, literally the only rumor that had any actual evidence to show for itself. The references to the DLC in GTA V’s code.


Now, the DLC codename of “LOW” could still be a reference to Freemode Events, the logic behind Rockstar’s naming system be damned. The codename for the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC was “LUXE”, which fits the aesthetic nicely. The two possibilities here are that either LOW does not refer to Freemode Events, and a “lowrider” DLC is still in the works (more rumors, yay), or Rockstar is just screwing with people, knowing that someone out there was bound to go digging through the code.

While the “LOW” codename is more of an interesting tidbit, the fact of the 12 vehicles that were referenced in the code is still a mystery. In Rockstar’s announcement of GTA Online Freemode Events, they made no mention of new vehicles, nor have they done so in any further information released since. Now, some of these are vehicles which were present in previous GTA games, and back when the references were first discovered the more skeptical in the GTA community concluded that its just cut content from the final release. However, the connection with the “LOW” reference leaves this theory with a shaky foundation.

Are you still hoping to see those vehicles get into GTA Online?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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