What DLC for Grand Theft Auto V?


Downloadable content (or DLC) is very much a part of most games these days and serves two main purposes:

  1. Gamers can extend the life of a game they love playing.
  2. Publishers can make more money selling it.

The key is to find a balance (ie don’t sell us DLC that should have been included in the game from the start!). That said, here’s a list of some ideas for potential GTA V DLC. Be sure to let us know if anything really stands out, or if you have some ideas of your own. It could be additional story lines like ‘The Ballad of Gay Tony’, new game modes, new weapons and cars, anything!

New Story

To be honest there is so much scope for DLC here it’s not funny, especially with the introduction of three main characters. The possibilities are literally endless:

  • The story of the Barksdale organization (The Wire) but played out in Grand Theft Auto V. You’re a drug lord trying to protect your corners… you have your enforcers and business interests to protect.
  • Cop mode/story. This would require new gameplay mechanics of course (like the ability to arrest people, call for backup, not run over/shoot innocents without punishment etc) but would still be fun. It’s been requested many a time by GTA fans and could be either a full blown story or some sort of additional game mode (or both).
  • An undercover cop needs to infiltrator a crime syndicate – you get the idea (Sleeping Dogs).

Guns and Cars

This one’s pretty simple and easy for developers to pull off. Just create more weapons and cars (the bigger, faster and more destructive the better) and add them to the game. Most people will happily fork over the small price (usually a dollar or two) for access to better weapons and vehicles.



Yup, this is pretty a mandatory topic to mention when discussing GTA 5 DLC. We’ve talked about zombies being in Grand Theft Auto V several times in the past so won’t rehash things here. Just make sure you read these three posts. We think that if everyone got over it being about zombies (some people being a little sick of them being everywhere – TV, games, movies) it could be pretty cool!

What do you think? Sound off below!

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