Was The Sasquatch Peyote Too Hard To Find?

Yesterday we reported on the historic discovery of the fabled Sasquatch peyote plant in GTA V.


The existence of such a rare relic has been rumored since the release of the game however remained mired in mystery for years. With various hints and references popping up now and again, it wasn’t until someone dived deep into the GTA V source code that the peyote was actually found. Only occurring if a very strict and oddly specific set of criteria are met (see the first post above), the peyote would hardly have been discovered unless players resorted to unconventional methods such as data mining, and this has ruffled some jimmies in the GTA V community.


Players are complaining that instead of making this a mystery which would have been interesting to solve, all the aforementioned criteria achieves is making the chances of someone accidentally finding the peyote astronomical. Many say that without digging through the game code, which they shouldn’t be doing anyway, the peyote would remain undiscovered, and that isn’t the point of an easter egg.

I just don’t see the point of something like that being so hidden and random.

Easter Eggs used to be something that you could stumble upon more naturally. Nowadays it’s just a convoluted mess that nobody would ever find without digging through source code.

Some other players are defending this design choice by stating that due to the internet, if someone were to find an easter egg, the whole world would know within minutes. While in older times, game easter eggs were truly easy to stumble into, nowadays they need to be much more hidden to force the community into a social egg hunt of a sort, in order to keep the secret, well, secret, for longer.

But on the other hand, 20 years ago or something news of an easter egg was spread primarily by word of mouth, so a game developer didn’t have to try so hard to hide something, if that makes sense. If they hid something and 5,000 people found it, it would take some time for it to soak into the entire gaming community.

What do you guys think? Was this GTA V easter egg hidden too well?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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