The Warriors Available In HD On PS4

Yesterday we reported on fan favorite Red Dead Redemption finally making its way to the Xbox One via Microsoft’s backwards compatibility initiative. The game popped up in the program some time ago, but was swiftly pulled and the occurrence was labeled a mistake.


Naturally PS4 players have been clamoring since to get their own re-release of the game, however this is unlikely to happen for the same reason that a PC port has been put off (rumors about the game code being untidy).

However, players who prefer Sony’s console over Microsoft’s aren’t forgotten. Rockstar has recently – and rather quietly – re-released another old classic on the PS4, with a HD makeover. Back when Rockstar wasn’t the AAA juggernaut it is today (but GTA was already insanely popular), the dev team made a licensed game adaptation of the 1979 film “The Warriors”.


The stylish beat-em-up action game saw actors from the film reprising their roles as voice actors. Critics universally praised the game, including the mechanics, soundtrack, progression and atmosphere. It’s one of those Rockstar classics that everyone liked, was popular, made a lot of money, but no-one speaks about anymore.

Until now, at least. It’s unexpected appearance on the European PS Store as a HD remaster available on PS4 has started quite the buzz in the gaming press. Releases in other regions are awaited. It is currently available with a price tag of £11.99.


The film – and novel – the game adapts feature a New York City street gang which has been accused of murdering a notable gang leader during a supposedly peaceful summit of all the gangs. Their home turf happens to be on the other side of the city, and the eponymous gang must fight through the rowdy streets of NYC in one night.

The game however expands on the story, kicking off three months prior to the events of the movie. There is added content, though the events of the film are also adapted in the game. The Warriors was formerly available on PS2, the original Xbox, PSP, PS3 and Xbox 360.


The PS4 release of The Warriors features a wider display resolution and an updated control scheme to fit the new PS4 dualshock controllers. With such an obscure game getting a re-release, things are boding well for other Rockstar games being made available on current-gen.

Are you eager to try out The Warriors on PS4?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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