Vive La Revolution – It’s a GTA V Riot Mod!

Rise, brothers and sisters! Rise against the corrupt regime! Rise against the servants of the tyranny! Rise against every other NPC in your close proximity!


Have you ever thought that maybe the citizens of Los Santos are being oppressed? Have you ever felt like the poor PEDs deserve more? Well, time to give a voice to the silenced, and a weapon to the disarmed!

Live out your wildest fantasies of uprising and rebellion against the corrupt oligarchy ruling over the people through the oppressive capitalist tyranny that they have forced upon the people through the farce that is democracy (say that quickly twice, phew…). Every man and woman deserves a voice, and a gun!

With this mod you can, with the press of a button, give every PED a gun and an angry disposition, meaning that they will attack one another and you yourself. If you think that you cannot achieve enough chaos in GTA V on your own, using all the cheats and destructive mods out there, then the Riot mod is for you.

You can customize the number of rioting PEDs, their loadout, and whether or not the all the police in Los Santos have decided to take a day off right at that moment.


The mod has seen several updates, and now carries much more functionality than it did back when it first released. The Riot mod now includes factions as well as a mode where all NPCs are hostile only to the player… and are actively hunting you.

Something that could be added to GTA Online based on this mod could be a co-op job where 4 players are instanced in the entire open GTA V map. All the NPCs could be hostile on the entire island and you would have to survive for given amounts of time in order to gain bigger and bigger rewards.

Will you be starting revolutions in GTA V with this mod?

Note: Political views expressed in this article are a joke and not serious, if it wasn’t obvious for any of you.

What do you think? Sound off below!

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