Unlock The Railgun for GTA Online


If you’re looking for an easy way to unlock the Railgun in GTA Online for Grand Theft Auto V then look no further, we have a very easy video and text tutorial for you to follow. The one thing is that it works only for the PS4 at the moment, hopefully we’ll have something similar for the other systems soon though!

So, the Railgun is a new weapon that arrived in GTA Online courtesy of the game’s re-release on the PS4 and Xbox One. In order to unlock it for use in GTA Online using this method, you first need to download this job from the Rockstar Social Club. Add the job your account via the Social Club and then fire up GTA V on your PS4.

When you are in the mission lobby change the settings to owned weapons plus any pick ups only. Then when you are in the mission you need to kill an enemy that has a railgun and pick it up. Now you can either complete the job or leave the session – up to you.

Once you’re out, then simply select freemode and you’ll have the Railgun to use as you wish! As a bonus, you can also choose to keep doing the same mission and you’ll eventually end up with the maximum railgun capacity, which is 20.

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