Turn GTA V’s Los Santos Into A Battleground

GTA V is many things and it has many features. It’s a third/first-person action-adventure game, a shooter, an open-world driver, a crime-simulator, a great online experience. You can play golf, do yoga, go to a strip club, rob a bank, buy property, race against your friends, and steal cars. There is much mayhem to be caused, with a massive armory at your disposal, not to mention weaponized vehicles.

However despite all this, what GTA V isn’t, is a modern military shooter. Until now.


Sure, GTA V has first-person view, and you can whip out your M4A1, but not matter how many wanted stars you have, GTA V won’t suddenly turn into a Battlefield game. One particular modder set out to change that, and created a pretty nifty total conversion mod for GTA V’s single player portion which turned the game into a militarized bullet storm. Battleground: Armored Packs adds various game-modes and mission types to GTA V. You can assist your dealer and his mates in fighting off hordes of cops, or call in a squad of PMC soldiers to help you out of a tight spot with rival mafia families.


Over multiple updates, the mod has diverged a bit from its original path, but by no means is it unfocused. Sure, you now have the ability to change your licence plate for a fee, or join the Lost Motorcycle Club, but the mod also keeps expanding the over-the-top crime war aspect which it is based on. The items you’ll be primarily using in this mod also reflect this, such as advanced bomb removal suits and battle armor, as well as heavy weaponry. This is the kind of mod where a lot of things go boom, so if you’re into this sort of thing, look no further.

Will you be giving the GTA V Battleground mod a go?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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