Turn GTA V Shootouts Into Rave Parties

This is probably one of the flashiest mods out there for GTA V. Some mods add new methods of transportation to the game. Some mods add a gardening game mode. Some mods change the whole game into a police simulator, or an RPG. Some mods add power armor to the game.

This mod? This mod makes GTA V look the same as a Daft Punk performance if said Daft Punk performance had the yearly budget of the U.S. military.


The mod, simply titled Particle Guns, gives you 18 different particle effects to your shots. It really is a visual masterpiece. Possible the coolest looking effect is shown off first in the face of the “purple puff gun”, which causes a massive neon-purple cloud to appear at the point of impact. The cloud has transparent tentacle like effects sprouting from its epicenter which are reminiscent of the northern lights. In case that ain’t enough for you, there is always the “huge purple puff gun”, which is the same but with amplified effects.

The other options activate more common effects, such as various forms of smoke emanating from the bullet holes. The color of the smoke can be edited to enhance the effect. Other than the colorful smoke, the purple puffs, sparks and possibly the blood spatter, the rest of this mod is more interesting for graphics junkies, and seems to be more of a tech demo than anything else, however it does result in some unique visuals if played around with.


The various gun settings also include light smoke, water splash/drops, leaves, freaking sewer water and flying rocks, which, unfortunately do not augment damage. Now, add this to your arsenal of weapons which fire other vehicles, and you’ve got the right kind of party going.

Any of you guys have some insane weapon mod ideas for GTA V?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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