Top GTA Online Videos Of The Week: Nov. 7 – 13

In Top GTA Online Videos of the Week, we scour the internet for the best fan-made video content the community has to offer and post our findings every Sunday to top off your week.

With the vast majority of GTA 5 fan videos falling into the categories of fake leaks; “funny moments” wherein people with horrible voices provide subpar commentary over gameplay recordings and those mass-uploaded 5-minute videos discussing the newest rumor to rear its head on the forums, you probably don’t want to spend your precious free time sifting through all the crap to find the few gems – and you don’t need to either, because we’ll do it for you.


Last week, we treated you to a unique take on human history using the Rockstar Editor, an extremely well made and high-quality fan mock-up of a remastered GTA Vice City intro, and inventive custom stunt race that plays itself, a and a stylish and brutal action short. This week, we’ve brought a neat car cinematic featuring the Vapid FMJ, a really long noir flick, a showcase of the all new Nagasaki Shotaro, a funny take on the Baywatch opening sequence, and a tribute to Stephen King’s “The Shining”.

JOYRIDE : LOS SANTOS GTA 5 Cinematic Car Action Short – RavenwestR1

The Vapid FMJ is looking really slick in this short but sweet part showcase, part driving flick from RavenwestR1, a returning creator of this weekly list. Players will instantly note the use of graphics enhancement mods – vanilla GTA 5 looks good, but not that good – however, the reason for why this video looks so good lies in the skill of the creator rather than the mods he used. The camera angles and editing are truly on point.

Calypso – Noir Machinima [Rockstar Editor] – Betterbinary

Now this video here is a true short film. Clocking in at over 20 minutes, Calypso is an incredibly impressive project. Not only is it lengthy, but it’s stylish, well made, and has custom dialogue presented by surprisingly adept voice actors, especially when considering this is a fan video. The film really hits that noir feel, and it doesn’t fall back on clichés. As much effort went into the storyline as the cinematography here, and the end result is damn astounding. Top stuff.

Nagasaki Shotaro Showcase (GTA 5 Rockstar Editor) – Logic Films

Yes yes, Logic Films, stylish showcase, prime editing, you know the drill. The guys from this team have popped up in these listings more often than any other single author, and with reason. Not only are their videos seriously good stuff, but when 99% of GTA 5 content creators produce drivel, the few who create quality content will pop up over and over. In any case, this vid does the fantastic Nagasaki Shotaro justice and then some. I mean, the fact that it’s a light cycle from Tron should be enough to convince you to drop the $2,225,000 on it, but if that didn’t sell you on it, this video will.

Baywatch Intro Parody – GTA V (5) Rockstar Editor – OriFilmsGta

Ah yes, one of the best known and most often ridiculed TV shows of the 90’s. I’ll bet Jason Momoa would prefer to be widely known for his role in StarGate: Atlantis (which is great, by the way) instead of this, but oh well. OriFilmsGta gave the Baywatch intro sequence the GTA 5 makeover, however instead of a full-on, scene-for-scene remake, he decided to take the parody route. Let’s just say that no 3D model as ever made us heave as much as that fat lady NPC from GTA 5, which is on full display here. How much did they pay the poor artist to make that thing?

GTA 5 – The Shining | Rockstar Editor – El Serpe

Chances are all of our readers are familiar with what might be Stephen King’s best-known work to some degree. I mean, if nothing else, you’ve heard of the film and know that “here’s Johnny” meme (though it’s sad that a single image is the best-known aspect of a literary work…). Well, El Serpe has put together a neat tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s iconic film adaptation of the book, and we’ll say, picking Trevor for Jack’s role was a perfect – if obvious – choice.

Which of this week’s videos was your favorite?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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