Top GTA Online Videos Of The Week: Nov. 28. – Dec. 05.

Sasquatches and that ladder from MGS3

Top GTA Online Videos of the Week brings you the best fan-made GTA 5 video content every week, helping you get some much-needed rest and relaxation as the weekend draws to a close.

Fans of GTA Online no doubt like to seek out well made and entertaining videos on the internet when not playing – what fans don’t? – in order to unwind sometimes. Problem is, the vast majority of these videos boil down to fake leaks, poorly made “funny” moments videos and effortless 5-minute clips of crappy gameplay with the pointless discussion of rumors. You probably don’t want to spend your free time sifting through all that crap just to find the few gems – so we’ll do it for you.


Last week, we brought to you a GTA 5 remake of the no-nonsense, no-undead survival game The Long Dark, a complete scene-for-scene recreation of San Andreas’ opening, the latest wildlife documentary courtesy of 8-Bit Bastard, a cautionary short-film about the dangers of VR, two separate vehicle showcases focusing on the latest DLC rides and a clever action flick about fake firefighters.

This week, we’re treating you to one of the potential backstories of the fabled sasquatch, a full-on action short with no reservations or even much of a plot, a tale of what happens when Trevor’s private jet crashes in the ocean, a calm birds-eye view of Los Santos, a neat action flick about the fall of the Lost MC, and finally a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater’s ladder scene. Yes, that ladder.

GTA V: Citizen Sasquatch [Rockstar Editor Machinima] – Zadrium

In spite of the title, this video has little to do with the legendary Citizen Kane film. Instead, Citizen Sasquatch documents the gradual descent of the once civilized hairy man from average office-worker to mysterious wild being stalking the woods. His fall is filled with poor fortune and grief, eventually leading to his displacement in the wild.

The Human Tank – Jordan Tibbitt

This is a video of a man in bomb-disposal armor blowing stuff up with a minigun. That’s it. There are helicopters – they explode. There are cop cars – they explode. There are people – they explode. Bang, bang, boom, fire.

What more do you need?

Grand Theft Auto V – CAST AWAY (no mods!) – Knife Production

While not an exact re-imagining, this video takes a lot of cues from that one film where a hairy Tom Hanks shouts at a volleyball on a beach somewhere. Knife Production’s version is similar, but lacks an inanimate companion for the main character. That’s right, no Wilson here. Nonetheless, the video is well made and entertaining, clearly standing testament to the skill of the creator.

Aerial View – MrSrdaro

Aerial View is a little different from the other videos we usually pick for this list. Instead of being funny or particularly action packed, Aerial View is a calm, laid-back showcase of what the incredibly detailed world of GTA 5 looks like from above. We imagine the video turned out to be just as calming as it would be to actually glide across the countryside.

Deathly Darkness – Jordan Tibbitt

Yep, two videos from the same guy in one list – this is what happens when 95% of all GTA 5 related videos are trash, either of the “funny moments” kind or the fake news kind. Deathly Darkness, on the other hand, is a cinematic take on Trevor’s personal crusade to wipe away the Lost MC. While The Human Tank was just over-the-top violence, this flick has some more stealth going on.

GTAV: The ladder climb from Metal Gear Solid 3 – Mr. X

Ah, yes, Metal Gear Solid 3’s ladder – that scene which we all hated at the time but can’t help and remember fondly. The virtually endless climb upwards broken up by the odd platform with rapid camera angle changes is perfectly replicated by the ascent to the top of one of GTA 5’s cranes, and the video’s very end offers a more than satisfactory conclusion to the lengthy climb.


Which of this week videos was your favorite?

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