Top GTA Online Videos Of The Week: Nov. 21. – 27.

Vehicle showcases and wildlife documentaries

Top GTA Online Videos of the Week brings you the best fan-made GTA 5 video content every week, helping you get some much-needed rest and relaxation as the weekend draws to a close.

Fans of GTA Online no doubt like to seek out well made and entertaining videos on the internet when not playing – what fans don’t? – in order to unwind sometimes. Problem is, the vast majority of these videos boil down to fake leaks, poorly made “funny” moments videos and effortless 5-minute clips of crappy gameplay with meaningless discussion of rumours. You probably don’t want to spend your free time sifting through all that crap just to find the few gems – so we’ll do it for you.


Last week, we treated you to a light-hearted road trip where the three protagonists of GTA 5 got into all kinds of surprisingly non-violent trouble, a highway explosion chain-reaction that lasted 8 minutes straight, not one but two stylish music videos themed around the new content brought to the game by the Bikers update, Broughy’s Pegassi Esskey review and a neat little cinematic showcasing the popular Deadline Adversary Mode.

This week, we’ve brought to you a GTA 5 re-imagining of the popular early-access zombie-free survival game The Long Dark, a remake of San Andreas’ first mission in the engine of the newest instalment, yet another wildlife documentary from 8-Bit Bastard, an amateur short film regarding the possible uses and dangers of VR, a clever action flick involving firefighters and finally not one but two vehicles showcases, one for the Rat-Rod and the other for the all new Youga Classic.

The Long Dark [Rockstar Editor] – Betterbinary

Much like the game it’s based on, this video isn’t a high-octane action film with hordes of ravenous zombies on the characters’ tails, nor does it feature various survivors betraying one another. No, like the Long Dark, this video is a calm, slow, and at times even serene and peaceful. Here, your biggest enemies are hunger and the cold.

HD CJ Mod for GTA V! First Mission from GTA SA Recreated – Monarch

Clocking in at just over 10 minutes, this video is a faithful recreation of the opening missions from what is regarded by many to be the best GTA game even today. While San Andreas features three cities, one of those happened to be Los Santos, and the devs of GTA 5 made sure to add some familiar locations to the new rendition of the city for older fans to discover. As such, it is possible to remake, scene-for-scene with cutscenes and all, the first mission of San Andreas in the engine of the new game. All you need are some mods for the characters, such as protagonist Carl Johnson and total bro Big Smoke.

GTA 5 Wildlife Documentary | The Siberian Tiger – 8-Bit Bastard

And he’s at it again. The lauded wildlife filmmaker of the GTA 5 community, 8-Bit Bastard has come out with another entry in his growing library of documentaries. We’ve featured his work before on the site, as well as in a previous Top Videos list. Bastard is arguably one of the most original and unique content creators in the community, always producing quality content and coming up with new ideas. This time around he takes us to snow covered Blaine County to learn more about the elusive Siberian Tiger. Our only gripe with this latest video is that it isn’t longer.

Virtually Real – GTA V Short Film – Rockstar Editor – Petrifying Pumpkins

Sometimes we like to use Top Videos as a platform to bring attention to relatively unknown and yet skilled YouTubers who, in spite of producing quality content, just can’t get their subscriber and view counts off the ground. Petrifying Pumpkins’ video, Virtually Real, only had 80 views at the time of writing. While the self-made voice acting and use of the Microsoft voice synthesiser makes it obvious that we’re watching the work of someone with not too much experience, the near 10-minute short film is well edited and has a unique premise, which excuses the occasional amateurisms. That said, we’d like to call attention to the fact that while the video is politically loaded (though humorously), the views expressed by it are solely the views of the creator and do not mirror the views of the staff here at GTA 5 Cheats.

Inferno (GTA Machinima) – Jordan Tibbitt

I’m more than a tad surprised that the idea of impersonating firefighters and using a purposefully set fire to infiltrate a building hasn’t been used more often in fiction, but there you have it. This action-short uses just that as its premise, wherein Franklin and Michael infiltrate the FIB building under the guise of being the firefighters sent to quell a blaze. Their covers are blown, which is where the whole “action” part factors in. Not only is this video unique, but it’s well put together, nicely edited, and another undiscovered gem with just 51 views. The creator clearly has quite of bit of skill, and definitely, deserves more views.

Declasse Tornado “Rat Rod” Showcase (GTA 5 Rockstar Editor) – LogicFilms

Another week, another DLC another LogicFilms showcase. Well, granted, this particular showcase doesn’t feature the latest ride that was added to GTA Online – more on that later – but it was uploaded this week and it’s one damn stylish showcase. The video has an overall atmosphere and use of colour which highlight the rusted aesthetic of the Rat Rod perfectly, and we get great shots of the thing from pretty much all angles. Even though it’s purposefully meant to be the opposite, the Rat Rod seems like a thing of beauty in this showcase. That exposed engine block looks awesome, and the fact that it’s animated is a neat touch from Rockstar.

Youga Classic [GTA 5 Rockstar Editor Showcase] – MuzTube

Coming up on our second showcase and final entry, Müz wows us with a neat showcase of GTA Online’s newest vehicle. The video follows the plot of the stunning rebirth of an old Youga into a clean and fly utility van. Rust and grit make way for a neat retro livery and shining chrome. Kudos for Müz for not making yet another Mystery Machine, and the story frame of this vehicle showcase is unique and charming.

If you come across any neat GTA 5 fan videos over the course of the next week, feel free to share them in the comments if you think they’re worthy of showing up in our next list!

Which of these fan videos is your favourite?

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