Top GTA Online Videos Of The Week: Nov. 14. – 20.

Top GTA Online Videos of the Week brings you the best of fan-made GTA 5 video content found on the web of the past seven days. Posted every Sunday to top off your weekend, our list is guaranteed to give you what you need to wind down after a tough week.

Like any fandom, players of GTA Online no doubt wish to consume fan made video content related to the game. Unfortunately, the cast majority of said content boils down to fake leaks, poorly made “funny” moments videos and effortless 5-minute clips of crappy gameplay with meaningless discussion of rumours cut over it. You probably don’t want to spend your free time sifting through all that crap just to find the few gems – so we’ll do it for you.


Last week, we brought to you a stylish driving cinematic featuring the ever sleek Vapid FMJ, a near half-hour noir short film with great production value, a vehicle showcase of the then-new Shotaro courtesy of Logic Films, a parody of the Baywatch opening sequence made entirely in the Rockstar Editor and an impressive homage to Stephen King’s The Shining. This week, we’re treating you to a campy short about the three protagonists bonding and getting into all manner of silly situations, a pretty long chain-reaction explosion, a pretty damn stylish cinematic focusing on a biker gang, a music video which also focuses on a biker gang, Broughy’s review of the Esskey and finally a cinematic featuring Deadline that oozes neon.

GTA V – Road Trip! (Rockstar Editor) – Duggy

Duggy is pretty well known among fans of GTA 5 as being a YouTuber who reliably releases quality content without selling out and turning into a click-bait filth factory. He’s earned the status of being Channel of the Month of the largest GTA 5 subreddit, and we’ve featured his work on this site several times before. This particular video sees Michael, Trevor and Franklin go on a road trip together. By GTA standards, this is pretty non-violent – though a bar does get set on fire – and more focuses on the friendship of the three characters. In any case, Duggy nails the protagonists’ character traits perfectly.

Highway Havoc – Sam Hansel

This is simple stuff, but entertaining nonetheless. Stuff blowing up causes other stuff to blow up, and so forth. This is a pretty impressive 8-minute explosion chain set off by blowing up a few cars on one of Los Santos’ highways. That’s all there is to it – but sometimes you don’t need more.

Moment Of Truth – BraveBuluc

Do you like the content of the Bikers DLC? Do you, in general, like stuff related to motorcycle clubs? Do you like well edited and stylish videos? Well, if you answered “yes” to all – or even just one – of the above, this video is for you. BraveBuluc has put together a neat little video wherein his biker gang does what biker gangs do. This is the kind of thing that would have looked really good in the Bikers Editor Competition.

Fastest Bikers DLC Vehicles (Esskey) – Best Fully Upgraded Bikes In GTA Online – Broughy1322

You know the drill. Whenever there is a new vehicle, there will soon be a new Broughy video reviewing said vehicle. As always, the work of this guy amounts to your best authority on how the rides of GTA Online stack up, and which ones are suited for which roles, as well as racing performance. Surprisingly absolutely no-one, the all new Pegassi Esskey isn’t going to be winning many gold medals in that regard – however the ride is pretty good off-road, so you might consider it as your “Freemode Cruiser” if you find yourself enjoying the northern wilderness as opposed to the hustle and bustle of the city down south.

Adelitas Way – Bad Reputation – (Music Video) Reapers MC PC GTA V Crew – Infamous Logan

It seems musically inclined motorcycle clubs were really in their element this past week. The Reapers MC got together to shoot this neat music video – as well as a number of other GTA Online players and NPCs. How else to wind down Sunday evening than to watch the members of a biker gang kill various people while listening to neat tunes?

Deadline – eXaRN7

Deadline’s Tron-inspired gameplay and bright visual language make it as entertaining to watch as to play – a fact further proven by this stylish cinematic made by eXaRN7. The bright, neon colours, the reflective surfaces of the arenas and dark ambience come together in a perfect symphony of visual cues. This Adversary Mode seemingly broke the curse plaguing said game modes by being both fun and lucrative. If you’ve been putting off giving Deadline a try (but why would you?), we’re sure this video will get you interested.

Which of this week’s top GTA videos did you like the most?

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