Top GTA Online Videos Of The Week: Aug 29. – Sep 4.

In our newest weekly feature, we’re bringing some of the best fan made video content related to GTA 5 produced in the past 7 days, every Sunday. Amid all of the fake leak videos, “funny” moments compilations and the several 3-5 minute videos per day uploaded by the same person where they dissect some rumor over and over again by reading up forum posts made by others, you probably don’t have the time or patience to sift through all the crap to find the good GTA 5 videos out there – but don’t worry, we’ll do it for you!


Last week we brought to you an amateur virtual downhill biking video, a clever parody of the common crap GTA 5 videos and a few more genuinely well made and entertaining fan made videos to enjoy. This week, we’ll be focusing on some entirely different videos in terms of style and production. We’ve got some which reveal the game-mechanics players are not supposed to see, some are serious short-films shot with the Editor, some are less serious, and we’ve also got the first episode of an upcoming series which is kind of like the mix of the Mythbusters, GTA and Mystery Science Theatre 3000. But first…


The extreme drifting enthusiasts among you are probably familiar with Ken Block and his series of “Gymkhana” videos, the name of which I have yet to decipher. Maybe it’s a car-nut thing. Anyway, these videos are lauded by the mainstream media as some of the best drifting footage out there, so naturally they need to be remade in GTA 5. Now, Stancedboss (or El Charco? Which is it?) has remade a few of these in the past, so he has plenty of experience with it, and it shows. Not only does he recreate the drifting itself, but the whole style of the video, including the intro, is a perfect remake.

GTA V: Exposing A.I. Rubberbanding – Andy Badwool

Next up, we have the reveal of that game mechanic we mentioned earlier. You know how in most video games with a racing element, even if you have a vastly better car than the NPC opponent and greater skills, they still seem to be on your tail the whole time, and sometime you’re stricken by bad luck giving the enemy a chance? Yeah, that isn’t accidental. Rubberbanding is literal in this case, as it attaches an invisible connector between you and the opponent, preventing them from falling behind too far. Similar mechanics tipping the scales in favor of the NPCs are common in game in order to maintain a sense of challenge.

Logic Films’ “Outrun” (GTA 5 Rockstar Editor Machinima Collab with WarLux AMVs) – Logic Films

This video is a not-at-all uncommon high-speed car-chase scene. It didn’t earn its spot on this list due to originality, rather through quality and production value. Sure, there are thousands of other GTA 5 car-chase videos out there, but this is one of the best, and if the ending shot is to be believed, we’ll be getting more of it. Some in the comments section have mentioned that this could have readily been a scene from a blockbuster movie, though granted, with fewer cuts between the scenes.

Die Hard “Chopper vs Car” Scene Recreated in GTA V | Movie Magic #1 – The Lone Few

This seems to be the beginning of an extremely entertaining and high quality series of videos. The Lone Few have put together a show much like something you’d see on The Discovery Channel, with a neat intro narration, a short hand-drawn “planning” animation and several takes of the team’s attempts to nail the stunt. Not only is the video well made from a quality point of view, but you can really feel how much fun the guys making it had while filming, which adds to the entertainment factor. We’ll be keeping a close eye on these videos for sure!

Health and Safety [GTA 5 Rockstar Editor Machinima] – MuzTube

Wear a helmet. Pretty much, that is the message of this video, which presents viewers with a chain of events representing the snowball-effect wherein one worker’s negligence and unwillingness to wear a safety helmet, as well as one other worker failing to keep a particularly dangerous barrel from rolling off the side of a building leading to a catastrophe. Actually, what kind of a working environment has workers rolling barrels of gasoline on the top of an unsecured building without supervision?

These were some of the best GTA 5 fan videos we’ve come across over the past week, but surely there were others worthy of mention that we missed. Feel free to link your favorite fan videos in the comments, so that hidden gems might get the views they deserve!

Which of the videos we selected was your favorite?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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