Top GTA Online Videos Of The Week: Oct. 17 -23

In our newest weekly feature, we’re bringing some of the best fan made video content related to GTA 5 produced in the past 7 days, every Sunday.

Amid all of the fake leak videos, “funny” moments compilations and the several 3-5 minute videos per day uploaded by the same person where they dissect some rumor over and over again by reading up forum posts made by others, you probably don’t have the time or patience to sift through all the crap to find the good GTA 5 videos out there – but don’t worry, we’ll do it for you!


After a brief one week hiatus, Top Videos is back with another post collecting the best fan made video content related to GTA 5. Two weeks ago, we brought to you a neat test video from Broughy1322 showing off the goods from the Bikers DLC, two cinematic trailers for the content added to the game by the Bikers DLC, a video showcasing the potentially hilarious effects of the formation feature from the Bikers DLC and a vehicle showcase from Logic Films showing off the fasted bike added in the Bikers DLC. Yeah, a whole lot of Bikers. There was also a creepy short-film about a murderous Über driver and an alternate take on GTA 5 where Michael is a detective.

This week we’re bringing you not one but two GTA 5 recreations of the recently released Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer, an action packed cinematic short film, a video mashing the worlds of Grand Theft Auto and Terminator and a video that made headlines by being DMCA’d by Samsung and later reinstated by YouTube.

Grand Theft Auto V: Red Dead Redemption 2 – 57chevy150

The first of our two RDR2 trailer recreations takes a more comedic route, using a model of John Marston that lacks arms and legs for several schots. Other than this small detail, however, the video is an accurate scene-for-scene recreation of the mostly cinematic teaser for RDR2 which was revealed earlier this week.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Teaser trailer in GTA V – Quality Content

Quality Content is a starting YouTuber, with one subscriber, and only 85 views on this video. While the creator’s lack of experience shows, the video definitely shows promise. More liberty is taken with the source material in this video, so it isn’t a whollly authentic scene-for-scene remake, but it nails the atmosphere and tone of the original trailer perfectly. We’re interested to see how this user’s channel grows.

GTA 5 – Terminator – Sandefend

This fan video doesn’t adhere to the storylines of any existing entries of the Terminator franchise, however it gets the main motions right. It starts with the time travel/teleportation effect the series is known for, and is followed up by some solid action scenes. In spite of being a high-tech killing machine specifically designed to eliminate humans, the Terminator meets its match in the face of none other than Trevor Philips. Clocking in at over 10 minutes long, this short film is the longest video we have on today’s list.

Red Eye (2016) | GTA V Cinematic Short Film [HD] – GTG Films

Red Eye is a very well edited action short involving a crime-boss and a protagonist out for revenge. After an intro sequence on the airport, much of the action actually takes place within the cargo hold of a large plane. The production value on this short is superb, and the skill of the creator is pretty apparent. Our only small gripe is with the use of the RPG at the end – I mean, isn’t that overkill? In any case, this short feels like it wouldn’t be out of place in a Hollywood action romp.

GTA 5 MOD – Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Bomb) – Modded Games

Yes, I know we covered this video in a post of its own, however I think it really deserves the extra exposure if only to spite the humourless suits over at Samsung that tried to get it pulled from YouTube. The video was temporarily unavailable due to a DMCA, however after the claim was refused by YouTube, the video went back right up. While the mod alone is pretty funny already, this video really takes the cake.

Which of this week’s top GTA 5 videos is your favorite?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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