Top GTA Online Videos Of The Week: Aug 22-28.

When people are the fans of some kind of intellectual property, they often spend time not only with the actual object of their fandom – in this case, the game GTA 5 – but also with additional content related to said object. Merchandise, spin-offs, backstory, lore and possibly above all else, fan-created media.


What with this being the internet age and YouTube having become extremely popular, one of the most common and most accessible form of fan-created media are videos. The internet is filled to the brim with all kinds of GTA 5 related fan videos made by players from practically all walks of life.

Unfortunately, about 99% of those fan videos are, let’s not mince words here, absolutely shit. Click-bait titles leading to videos that have zero substance with some man-child talking over it as he over-analyses the latest minor rumor, and does this across 5 videos. Montages and “funny moments” videos are hastily and poorly cut videos featuring incomprehensible snippets of someone’s game session wherein a dozen pre-pubescent children squeal over crackling microphones.


Really, we wouldn’t be surprised if you give up on GTA related fan videos entirely when met with such a landscape. But do not despair, as there are plenty of fan videos which are more than deserving of your time. In the past we’ve often brought attention to such videos. Ambitious short-films, genuinely funny parodies and short skits that actually have something to say – all of these can be found among GTA 5 fan videos.

“But Aron,” I hear you say. “I don’t have the time or patience required to sift through all the filth to find these rare gems of fan-made media”. Worry not dear fellow! We’re here to sort through all the crap! From now on, at the end of each week, we will bring you a few of the best videos from the past seven days. We don’t outright declare them as “the” best, since you cannot realistically expect us to look through literally every video posted in that time-frame. These are just a few worthy vids which stand out as being genuinely entertaining.


Now, looking at that title you probably think to yourself that this is exactly the kind of video we were besmirching in the opening paragraph. There is a reason for that, as well as the disgustingly colored car, extremely bright video, the forced accent and the script of the video. Just in case it isn’t obvious, this is a parody. A parody of the average low-effort GTA 5 fan video, complete with the stereotypical catch-phrase “smash that like button”, the un-ironic use of which is indicative of a single-digit IQ.

2016 LSAC Olympic Games – Seraphim Picture Studios

The PS4 Los Santos Auto Club is one of the most dedicated fan communities for GTA Online. With the recent Rio 2016 Summer Olymics having dominated all of the headlines internationally, the group decided to put their own spin on it. This is what happens when several dozen lighthearted players gather in Online and try to host a number of athletic events using the game-mechanics. Competitions included running, swimming, biking and bomb-put.

Mt. Chiliad Downhill 2 – Jeff Ott

What’s this? A video with just 16 views at the time of writing posted by a user with 0 subscribers? Yep, you don’t need to be a full-time “YouTuber” to produce worthy videos. Sure, there isn’t a whole lot of production value here, but this is simply the genuinely enthusiastic handiwork of an average GTA Online fan, just like you and me. Plus, you know, it’s actually pretty cool too.

GTA 5 Mods Full Size T-Rex – Taltigolt

Now, we know that GTA 5 Mod videos are also a very common source of low-quality and abysmal fan videos, however there are quite a few solid ones out there which seek to bring attention to relatively unknown but solid mods instead of feeding from the success of popular mods. Taltigolt’s showcase of a technically impressive mod wherein a fully “functional” 1:1 scale T-rex is added to the game. Imagine our surprise upon seeing that it actually has a walking animation.

Force Trauma – GTA 5 Short Film – Roscoe Hussein

Here we have a well made and relatively long short film. The author decided to opt against the use of any dialogue, however the “silent film” format works well in this case. We’ll forego spoiling the story, but in any case it fits well with the GTA mentality. The video is well edited and cut, being clear indication of the creator’s innate talent with film-making.

Well, that’s all for this week. We’re sure there are plenty of GTA 5 related fan videos out there which also deserve to be on this list. If any of you come across any videos during the week which you feel deserve to be on the next such article, feel free to link to the video in a comment below this post!

What do you think? Sound off below!

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