Top 5 GTA V Kills


eYeCe Gaming, a Youtube channel devoted to posting interesting videos about Grand Theft Auto V, has just uploaded a new video on the Top 5 Kills in GTA V, from five different players. Check it out.

The top 5 kills shown in this video are:
5. a player who shoots down a jet with a perfectly aimed shot from a grenade launcher,
4. an aerial shot that takes down a jet, again with impressive accuracy,
3. a “sticky bomb slam dunk” performed by a player on a bike while leaping over a building,
2. a solo player who manages to take out four others all trying to kill him at once, and
1. a player in a jet dogfight who stops in midair to let his opponent pass so he can get in a clear shot.

What do you think? If you enjoyed seeing those kills, be sure to visit eYeCe Gaming’s channel, and if you’ve performed a kill you think deserves to be highlighted in a video, you can submit it to him as well.

What do you think? Sound off below!

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