Top 10 Things We Want from Remastered GTA V

Very soon, Grand Theft Auto V will be released for the PS4 and the Xbox One, with the PC version to follow in 2015. Rather than a straight port of the game, this is a remastered version, with better graphics and general enhancements. With its release so close on the horizon, fans are filled with hopes for the new versions of the game.

Now, it’s more than likely that it will be the same game it was before, and that most of the things fans wish for won’t come true. Nevertheless, here are the top 10 things we want from the remastered GTA V.


10. Improved Graphics

This goes without saying, and it’s pretty much a given, judging by what’s been revealed of the game through trailers and screenshots. While GTA V was already an excellent-looking game in its original release, the increased power of the PS4, Xbox One, and PC mean even better visuals are within reach. More detailed textures, higher resolutions, better draw distance, etc. are all improvements the remastered version of GTA V should have.

9. Wildlife

Like the graphical changes, the additional wildlife added to GTA V has already been confirmed. We don’t know all the animals that will appear in the game yet, but they will definitely make the game feel more realistic and alive. We can’t wait to see how the player can interact with different animals. If animals could interact with each other, as well, that would add yet another layer of realism—however, such a thought is pure speculation.

8. Improved Physics

We know the graphics will be better, but what about the physics? GTA V looks great, but some fans still wish the physics was a bit more realistic, especially when it comes to shooting and driving. Even though the original GTA V was released just over a year ago, gaming technology has advanced significantly since then. Improved physics in the remastered versions of GTA V would make many fans very happy.

7. More Accessible Buildings

While there are plenty of areas to explore in GTA V already, some fans wish there was more—specifically, they want to be able to go inside additional buildings. Restaurants come up often in this conversation, and players were disappointed to not be able to visit and eat at GTA V restaurants. With more power and available space, this is an excellent opportunity for Rockstar to open up the existing world just a little bit more.


6. More Missions

As much fun as running around visiting restaurants and getting into fights might be, GTA V’s missions and side missions are where the meat of the game lies. Whether it involves new DLC or just extra missions added to the remastered game, a solid selection of additional missions would give fans who already played GTA V yet another reason to return.

5. Music, TV Shows, and Movies

We already know the new versions of GTA V will have more songs on the radio, so let’s dream a little bigger than that. Alongside the new music to listen to, it could also include new in-game TV shows and movies, to further flesh out the world and make it seem like a real place. Maybe more websites will be added as well.

4. New Areas

GTA V is a large game, but some players would love to have an even bigger game world to explore. Ideas for new areas include forests and island towns, and of course, North Yankton. North Yankton is an incomplete area in its current GTA V form, so it can’t be properly explored, but ever since a glitch made the unfinished map accessible in GTA Online, fans have been clamoring for a chance to visit it again for real.


3. Exclusive DLC

GTA V and GTA Online have already seen a lot of bonus content added through DLC, but this is one potential way Rockstar could really get fans interested in the remastered version—releasing DLC content so detailed and expansive, it’s only made available for the new versions of the game. Some players might consider it unfair, but as long as the content of the DLC justifies its exclusivity, it would be a huge draw… and it could possibly cover some of the other new content fans want from the remastered GTA V.

2. GTA Online Content Available in Single Player

Many GTA V fans play both the single player version and GTA Online, but wish all the stuff available in GTA Online (such as online-only clothing options) was available in the single player game as well. There isn’t a clear reason for this not to happen, so why not now? This could even be brought to the original versions of the game as well, if it worked out well with the new versions.

1. The Return of Cut Content

This is probably the biggest things fans want from GTA V for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Content was cut from the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, because of the systems’ capabilities. Some of this content was shown before it was removed, while other pieces were discovered by fans looking through the game’s files. The new systems GTA V is coming out for are capable of much more, and it would be excellent if all of the cut content was put back in.

What do you think? Sound off below!

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