Thousands of PCs Infected via Fake GTA V PC Torrent


Lots of people want to see Grand Theft Auto V on PC. We know that (and even have a cheats page set up in anticipation). However it hasn’t been officially announced and certainly doesn’t have a release date, a beta, or anything else. So why on earth you’d download a torrent claiming to be GTA V for PC and actually run the executable file within it is beyond us… but some people are doing that and getting infected with malware.

It’s a pretty obvious and easy way for someone to infect thousands of PCs really. Take a massively popular game that hasn’t been released for PC yet, package up a virus as a torrent for the said game, then simply leak it. More and more people will then discover, download it, and seed it. This particular GTA V PC torrent also goes the “extra mile” and contains a proper looking setup file. It’s also about 18GB in size (the actual virus itself will be a fraction of that – the rest of the data will just be garbage) which adds to the look of legitimacy, we guess.

Anyway, the things you need to take from this post are:

  1. GTA V for PC has not been announced. Click here to see all known information on the matter.
  2. Piracy is bad.
  3. If you want to play GTA V you’ll need a PS3 or Xbox 360.

Via: WCCF Tech

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