This Is What A Hollywood Filmmaker Does With GTA V’s Rockstar Editor

What happens when you let a genuine, professional Hollywood film-maker get his hands on the Rockstar Editor, the advanced game play recording and video editing software designed and released for GTA V? Short videos about aliens killing humans, obviously.


Lee Iovino makes money as a “proper” director during work hours. But when he kicks back for some well earned relaxation, he still doesn’t stand up from the figurative director’s chair. Instead in his free time, Lee creates short videos using the Rockstar Editor. Now, what kinds of videos would a professional filmmaker create? Epic tales of greatness? Artistic masterpieces of cinematography? Enthralling dramas? Of course not!

Lee Iovino is the creator of the Extreme Extermination Challenge, an extra-terrestrial game show wherein the competing aliens must gather as much points as they can by killing hapless humans, the first of whom happens to be a masturbating clown. GTA. LOL.

It all feels authentic, with the show’s logo being the bottom face of the UFO from GTA V, and the arcade-like scoring system shows the points in a retro sci-fi font. The whole show, especially the choice of music will certainly be a treat for many viewers who are somewhat versed in the gaming and geek world.

Watch Narp Narp and Glorp murder their way to fame and glory as they massacre the squishy, stupid humans in droves. Be it with golf-clubs, monster trucks or rail-guns, the aliens really show the homo-sapiens which species is on the top of the inter-galactic food chain. The competition is as intense as the violence on display, with plenty of things belonging inside people coming out of them. At least the guy who writes the “note: no x was hurt during the making of this film” has some vacation time.

Which GTA V alien did you cheer for, Narp Narp or Glorp?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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