This GTA V Tank Stunt Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

Those of you who’ve been following GTA 5 Cheats for some while now will know that the players of Rockstar’s blockbuster open world crime game have a strange affection for stunts. You’ll also know that whenever a particularly impressive, unique, or awesome stunt is performed, recorded, and posted on the internet, it’s bound to turn up here as well. We’ve seen a multitude of absolutely insane semi truck stunts, and a few others with various vehicles.


You know what the link between most of these stunts is? Blacksmoke Billy, another name you should be familiar with if you’ve been following this site for a while. This GTA V player handles semi trucks much like a poet wields words. He always knows where they need to be, and how get them there in an interesting way. And much like a poet’s ideas, it isn’t the destination or conclusion which holds the value, but the method of arriving to it. I can either just tell you what I feel, or I can write a metaphorically complex poem about it. Then again, I can drive a truck – or, in this case, tank – to its destination, or send it there by way of explosives.

As we mentioned, for this stunt, Billy left his beloved semi truck behind and opted for some heavy armor. The stunt is really freakin’ impressive, and is a move more over-the-top unrealistic action movies should use. This right here is pure awesomeness, distilled through pipes of glory.


Once again proving his skills both in the fields of driving and accuracy, Blacksmoke Billy shows us an alternative way of getting rid of a pursuing chopper – provided you have a bug ass ramp and a tank handy, that is. Have any of you attempted stunts of similar caliber in GTA V before?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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