Things to Look Forward To in GTA V Remastered


Back in September, it looked as though many players were still uncertain about whether or not they would buy the remastered version of Grand Theft Auto V. The November 18 release date for the PS4 and Xbox One versions is less than two weeks away, and we’re here to help you make up your minds. While this new version of GTA V will still be the same game at its core, there are plenty of new features to look forward to.

Graphics stand out, of course. GTA V has been redone to improve the level of detail and richness of the world, thanks to the power of the new consoles and the PC. We’ve shared a lot of GTA V screenshots, but for the full effect, check out the video embedded below which contains comparison shots between the PS3 and PS4 versions. In some areas, the difference is staggering.

When people hear that a remastered game has more detail, they often think only in terms of appearance. It’ll look more realistic, the resolution will be better, and so on. However, this renewed attention to even the smallest details brings a lot of additional benefits.

For example, when you drive a car in the newly-revealed first-person mode, you’ll be able to check your speedometer to see how fast you’re traveling, as discovered by a delighted Reddit user. The ABS and E Brake lights work, too, and you can also see the name of the radio station you’re listening to. From the cockpit of a helicopter, you can check your attitude and altitude indicators, as well. These are only a few examples of how the realism has been increased beyond just its surface appearance.

While driving a vehicle or riding in the front seat, you can also duck to avoid gunfire, a truly useful new feature. And if you think a different control scheme would work better for you, you can remap the controls to suit your style.

Let’s not forget the vast array of new wildlife in this version of GTA V, including Hammerhead Sharks, dolphins, cats, and fireflies. Pedestrians have new lines, the radio is filled with more songs and shows, and additional weapons, vehicles, and activities are available to you.

PS4 players will have a couple of additional features thanks to the controller. When the cops are after you, the controller’s light bar will flash red and blue, and its speaker will broadcast your telephone calls and the police radio. You can also use the touchpad to manually switch between first-person and third-person, change radio stations, and switch weapons.

And if you played GTA V on either the PS4 or Xbox 360, and now buy one of the new versions, you’ll have access to exclusive features to reward your loyalty: vehicles, weapons, a wildlife photo challenge (with an unlockable submarine), and more. Owners of the original version’s Collector’s Edition will get to keep their special items, as well. GTA Online players can transfer their characters and online game data to pick up from where they left off, and all of the previous DLC will be available. Multiplayer gameplay should be better than ever with the power of the new systems.

Rockstar has put a lot of effort into making GTA V for PS4, Xbox One, and PC a higher-quality experience than just a re-release with a fresh coat of paint. We hope this helps you make up your mind. Let us know if you still have any questions about the remastered versions of GTA V.

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