The GTA V Rockstar Editor Wishlist

We often report on certain creative individuals (of questionable mental state) that make use of the Rockstar Editor to violate our dearest childhood memories. Sure, there have been some semi-serious, and some very serious creations made using the Rockstar Editor, but the ones that caught the most attention are the ones which recreated children’s cartoons with a healthy dose of signature GTA brand violence.

I mean, sure, the John Wick trailer was recreated in GTA quite masterfully, but that involves cars and guns anyway. Recreating Pokémon in GTA? Now that sticks with you!


So what are some other properties we think should be GTA-ified for our viewing pleasure? An obvious choice would be the well liked Dora The Explorer educational cartoon for children. It would fit the wild, non-metropolitan areas of the island quite nicely. An authentic recreation would be genuinely possible.

Except Dora would be Trevor.

And he’d be “exploring” for drugs.

Lots of drugs.



Another thing we here at GTA 5 Cheats would love to see is a recreation of the Excalibur movie – in full. Michael would be Arthur, Trevor would be Merlin (obviously), and Franklin could play Lancelot, with various NPCs jumping in as the other characters. The legendary Excalibur itself would be replaced with the railgun, because it is sufficiently over powered, and Fort Zanduco would function as Camelot. An audio track from the film could be laid under the video for a fully authentic experience, complemented with sufficient explosions.

The absolute best thing that could be recreated in GTA, which would be sufficiently absurd but potentially hilarious, would be the Power Rangers. Just imagine for a second, that with a few mods here and there, adding the costumes and exchanging the blimp for a massive monster, the criminal trio we have come to know in the story could repent by becoming mighty, color-coded yogis heroes.

What IP would you want to see GTA-ified with the Rockstar Editor?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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