The GTA V Biker Crew Most Dedicated To Recruiting

There are some hardcore GTA Online crews out there. Then there are the really hardcore GTA Online crews. And on top of that you have the really hardcore roleplaying GTA Online crews.

Finally, you have these guys.


Some people take multiplayer gaming very seriously. They build in-game lore for their guild, put several hours a day into the same game just to grind themselves to the top and always go out of their way to win and succeed. Gamers like this also have a tendency to band together in prestigious hardcore guilds, clans or, in the case of GTA V, crews.

You’ve probably seen some pretty nifty statistics regarding the achievements of some crews. Well, Los Demonios MC are the cream of the crop when it comes to GTA Online role playing crews, and they also happen to be looking for new members!

Just like gaming, The Demons take recruitment very seriously. They have put together an extremely impressive recruitment video and a solid poster describing their backstory.

Los Demonios are one of the many motorcycle club crews active in GTA Online, and more specifically they can be counted among the role playing MCs. Basically, all members of Los Demonios are bikers to the bone. If you’re a Demon, you’ve got to speak like a biker, act like a biker, fight like a biker, bike like a biker, and be a biker (in-game, at least).


While Los Demonios is seeking new members, they didn’t get to the top of the food chain by letting simply anyone join. So there is a rather strict recruitment process with several requirements. You’ll need to spend 2-4 weeks as a prospect before you become a “patched” member, which is basically like an internship. You also need to be in possession of a non-sport bike.

Who’s gonna apply to the Los Demonios MC GTA Online crew?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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