The Game in GTAV, PC Version Confirmed?

The Game in Grand Theft Auto V?

Are we going to see The Game in Grand Theft Auto V? Apparently so if the image below, posted from a Facebook account, is anything to go by.  As you can see, the pic is in the usual “Rockstar style” and features the US flag, The Game of course and the GTAV logo. It looks pretty bad ass.


If The Game does indeed feature in Grand Theft Auto 5, it won’t be the first time he’s been involved in a GTA title. You might remember him as Mark Wayne/B-Dup in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.  In any event, given that the release window opens in just over two short months, fresh GTA 5 info should be just around the corner…

PC Version Confirmed by Amazon?

Amazon has had its GTAV listing up for some time (see here), but recently some European versions of the website saw fit to add a PC version of the game to the mix. As you probably know, a PC version has not been announced by Rockstar as yet (with the game arriving on Xbox 360 and PS3 only to begin with).

That said, it is widely believed that a PC version will eventually come, just not at launch. Well, if this page at Amazon France is anything to go by, a PC version of GTAV could be closer than we think!

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