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L.A. Noire Getting 4 New Editions Soon

The crime thriller is coming to the current gen and to VR, of all things

Coming completely out of the blue with zero indication or teasing, Rockstar today announced that their crime-thriller from 2011, L.A. Noire, is getting four new editions, three of which are remasters and one is a complete re-edit for VR platforms. The announcement was a massive surprise for two reasons. First, a version for the Nintendo…

Take-Two Discusses Microtransactions, VR And Nintendo Switch

Strauss Zelnick touched on a number of topics

Take-Two Interactive is often represented at the Cowen and Company 45th Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference and this year was no different. CEO Strauss Zelnick attended to discuss the importance of microtransactions in GTA On and their other games, as well as VR and the Nintendo Switch. Microtransactions were the focus of Zelnick’s presentation and…

Why Isn’t GTA 5 Coming To More Platforms?

The game could be popular on the Switch and on VR platforms, but here’s why it isn’t being ported

It’s February 2017, GTA 5 hit 75 million sales and spent a third week at the top of the sales charts just this year. This isn’t exactly news any since countless gaming outlets have been hammering this fact home for the past few days, but there’s good reason for it – such a sales curve this…

GTA V Used As VR Cycling Simulator

With gaming peripherals being pretty off-the-rails compared to regular input devices – controllers shaped like guns, full flying configurations, insane controller setups for Steel Battalion, tons of extra buttons crammed everywhere (hell, I can’t operate with a mouse that has less than 15 buttons…)- the concept of turning anything into a controller isn’t too far fetched….

GTA VR Edition Announced, Launching In October

UPDATE: April’s Fools! Is this what Rockstar has been leading up to with the recent drip-fed content releases? In something of a surprise announcement, the developer behind GTA has revealed that they are bringing GTA V to Sony’s upcoming Playstation VR, launching this October. As one of the launch titles of the new device, there…