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Rockstar Confirms Import/Export Release For Tuesday

A Tweet clearly states the day GTA Online’s next DLC will launch

It really does pay to follow the accounts of game development companies. Sometimes it isn’t a large press release, or an article, or a post that gives away a bit of information, but a tweet. Rockstar confirmed the release date of GTA On’s next DLC in under 140 characters not too long ago….

GTA V Was The Most Tweeted About Game Last Year

After , is probably the second biggest social network in the world.  Unlike it has jumped on the “official gaming mcguffin” bandwagon that has been sweeping the primarily non-gaming spheres. Following the launch of Youtube Gaming, the service that aims to compete with Twitch but never will, launched it’s own version. Intuitively…

No, Ned Luke Didn’t Just Confirm GTA V Story DLC

We think it’s about time for GTA V players to accept that the game probably won’t be seeing any single player DLC. Ever. Despite all the alleged leaks, despite Shawn Fonteno’s relentless attempts to troll the community, despite all the hope fans can muster, the only new content the game is getting seems to be…