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Someone Ate Big Smoke’s GTA: San Andreas Cluckin’ Bell Order

The massive meal contained over 9000 calories

Older fans who have played GTA: San Andreas might remember a mission where the player must drive the other members of the Grove Street Family to a Cluckin’ Bell drive through window to grab some grub. The reason such a mundane mission should be memorable is due to the obscene amount of food that Big…

GTA 5 Discounted In PS4 May Madness

In case someone was keeping track, that was probably the longest stretch of time without a discount on GTA 5. The last time the game had a discount was in late April, also on the PS4, incidentally. Previously, sales featuring the game were so numerous that they practically ran back to back, only shuffling which platforms were involved….

GTA Mobile Sale Ending Soon

Rockstar knows that with the extremely wide popularity of the GTA franchise, especially outside of the hardcore gaming  community, they have plenty of chances to cater to their fans with new content. Considering that in the past few years, the mobile gaming industry has far outperformed the regular gaming industry in terms of revenue, it…

You Can Walk Across The GTA Franchise In 5 Hours

This is what I call an interesting idea for a video. Nowadays, open-world games are dominating the gaming industry, and they have been around in abundance for ages. Wide, seamless, varied game settings have captivated the minds of many a player, with all sorts of hidden secrets and stunning landscapes. However, how well do most…