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Users Of D3SK1NG GTA Online Hack Struck With Huge Ban Wave

This particular menu is pretty much finished

While hacking in GTA On today is a significantly smaller issue than it was in 2016, some prominent mod menus are still active. However, thanks to a massive ban wave yesterday, the number of these menus has decreased and a multitude of users of one particular paid hack were struck down. Reported by (now former)…

Rockstar Reveals Why There Is No GTA 5 Story DLC

“It’s just what happened.”

After being a frequent topic of discussion amongst fans for years now, Rockstar has finally given a semi-official statement regarding why Grand Theft Auto 5 never got any singleplayer DLC to expand the story. In a recent interview with Game Informer about the development and evolution of GTA On, Director of Design Imran Sarwar gave…

Transform Races Looks Good, But Isn’t What GTA Online Needs Right Now

Rockstar Games needs to come up with something gamechanging soon

GTA On’s next DLC, Transform Races, is out next Tuesday. The update, which is seemingly the last non-dripfed, non-event and non-Adversary Mode update for the rest of 2017, is another take on the stunt race formula introduced by Cunning Stunts a year ago. It los like great fun, but it also seems all too familiar….

GTA Online: Transform Races Gets Trailer

The DLC will launch on the 17th, next Tuesday

Rockstar games has released an action-packed trailer for GTA On’s upcoming DLC, Transform Races. As much of a buzz-phrase “action-packed” has become, it’s truly apt for this particular video as it changes frame and camera angle faster than the game itself gains sales, which is saying a lot. Transform Races are yet another riff on the…

Grand Theft Auto Turns 20 This Month

DMA Design released the first game two decades ago a few days from now

Few game franchises can claim to be as influential in the video game industry as Grand Theft Auto. The legendary and controversial series, which began in a small makeshift office in an attic, is turning 20 years old this month. So what better time than now to lo back at such a long history? One of…

GTA Online Gets Howard NX-25 And Further Promotions

Rockstar is really pulling our leg with this week’s vehicle

It isn’t the Vigilante, it isn’t the Hunter and it isn’t the Lazer. Considering last week’s Bombushka was a highly anticipated plane, we guess it’s fair that Rockstar didn’t want to drop another hyped up drip-feed vehicle right off the bat – these things need to last until the latter half of Winter, after all….

Bombushka Now Available In GTA Online

The newest plane is accompanied by an Adversary Mode and bonuses

The newest drip-fed DLC for GTA On has been released and brought with it one of the most anticipated of the planes teased through missions in the Smuggler’s Run update. The Bombushka is joined by a new Adversary Mode that features it extensively. The Bombushka was shown off in the trailer for Smuggler’s Run, but…

GTA 5’s Next Biggest Mod Is Project London

The gargantuan project has been WIP for a long time, but won’t be done for a while

GTA has become wiy popular and known for critiquing and satirizing typical American pop culture and society, with fictional versions of the most famous cities in the USA serving as locations for the games. However, the franchise has actually gone international in the past, and one of the most ambitious modding projects wants to take…

GTA Online Gets Rapid GT Classic, New Bonuses

Yet another customizable classic car is added to the game

Nope, it isn’t the Hunter. This week’s drip-fed GTA On DLC has been released, and instead of giving the community the hotly desired fictional version of the Apache, Rockstar decided to tease us further and release a new car instead. The Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic is the newest ride on the block, offering car enthusiasts…