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Coil Cyclone Strikes GTA Online Like Lightning

Discounts on Bikers businesses and more

GTA On has been getting a new vehicle every week for months now, but for some reason Coil has been among the least frequently featured from the game’s large entourage of faux car manufacturers. The fictional stand-in for Tesla gets a bit of the spotlight this week with the Cyclone being released, alongside a number…

GTA Online Gets Howard NX-25 And Further Promotions

Rockstar is really pulling our leg with this week’s vehicle

It isn’t the Vigilante, it isn’t the Hunter and it isn’t the Lazer. Considering last week’s Bombushka was a highly anticipated plane, we guess it’s fair that Rockstar didn’t want to drop another hyped up drip-feed vehicle right off the bat – these things need to last until the latter half of Winter, after all….

Bombushka Now Available In GTA Online

The newest plane is accompanied by an Adversary Mode and bonuses

The newest drip-fed DLC for GTA On has been released and brought with it one of the most anticipated of the planes teased through missions in the Smuggler’s Run update. The Bombushka is joined by a new Adversary Mode that features it extensively. The Bombushka was shown off in the trailer for Smuggler’s Run, but…

GTA Online Gets Weaponized Retro Sportscar

This is peak drip-fed DLC, folks

The recent Gunrunning DLC for GTA On introduced weaponized vehicles. Since then, drip-fed weekly vehicle updates have given us several retro classic supercars. Rockstar has now really pushed this theme to its limit with the newest DLC vehicle, a weaponized retro sportscar. I’m half certain someone jingly predicted this on in the past few…

HVY Nightshark Ploughs Into GTA Online

The armed and armored car is joined by a new Adversary Mode

GTA On’s latest content update seeks to one up the Insurgent Custom by giving players an even flashier ard and armed personal vehicle – and of course, the mandatory Adversary Mode cannot be left out either. It’s time to welcome the HVY Nightshark (again) to your personal vehicle garage. The commercial variant of this vehicle…