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The Entire Terminator 2 Movie Recreated in Grand Theft Auto V

Someone just took Rockstar Editor crossovers to the next level

We’ve written plenty about fantastic Rockstar Editor creations over the years, but this particular video eclipses everything we’ve featured before. Fans have used Grand Theft Auto V to recreate trailers and scenes from their other fandoms for as long as the Editor has been around, however never before did someone go and remake an entire movie….

GTA V Meets Spy Vs. Spy In Tribute Video

We’ve all gotten used to the fact by now that the Rockstar Editor’s vocation is to be used for GTA V cross-over content instead of in-universe creations. Trailer recreations dominate the Editor scene, but the tv-opening remake sub-genre has also carved out quite a following, with Merfish and his vulgar re-imaginings leading the way. The…

GTA V Meets Charlie Brown and Snoopy

Our savior hath returned. After a brief foray into upcoming superhero movie trailer recreations, Merfish has gone back to using GTA V is usurp your fondest childhood memories of your favorite children’s cartoons. Merfish has become something is a legend among GTA V fan film creators. His trade is recreating the opening sequences of popular…