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GTA Online Closes Best Quarter

Not even Take-Two expected it to perform this good for this long

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before – Grand Theft Auto 5 and its multiplayer component GTA On have made a killing for Take-Two Interactive this past fiscal quarter, and the numbers have only increased since the last time around. In an interview discussing the latest earnings report of Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two,…

How Much Money Will You Need For GTA Online’s Gunrunning DLC?

Players have been saving up, but will it be enough?

As we’re getting deeper and deeper into May, anticipation for the teased but as of yet unannounced gunrunning DLC for GTA On is mounting. Tempered by updates of the past, players have learned to stash their cash and grind up a great deal of starting capital so they can jump into the new content right…

GTA Online Tax Rebates Rolling Out, Random Handouts Continue

Hey, it’s all free money

The GTA$ 425,000 tax rebate that was announced alongside Tiny Racers last month has started rolling out. While some players have received their GTA$ 425K as expected, others have seemingly only received the random money rewards that pop up occasionally for now. The average, and most common, “random amount” seems to be GTA$ 250K, however…

GTA Online Bikers Business Profit Chart And Guide

You won’t need to cook the books anymore

While the businesses introduced in GTA On’s Bikers DLC aren’t the most profitable ventures in the game and come with the unfortunate side effect of receiving constant phone calls from LJT whinging about your work ethic, they’re a great way to get some low-effort cash while working on efficient jobs. Check out our full…

GTA Online Hacker Issue Updates: Cheaters Can Add Money Directly, Shark Card Cash Not Separate After All

Additionally, player experiences with Rockstar Support vary

The on-going hacking situation is bound to be giving someone at Rockstar major headaches, as never before has the GTA On community been this riled up about something. The hacking problem itself has branched out into issues arising around Support, as well as certain elements in the community attempting to sew misdirection among the players….

Report: New GTA Online Hack Drains Cash Using Passive Mode

In the wake of a rank altering hack, cheaters can now steal your money too

So soon after an initial GTA On hack was discovered and which could instantly increase the rank of any player hit to 250, and thus put them at risk of being falsely identified as hackers themselves, a far nefarious cheat has surfaced in the game. This newest hack does what only one other could…

GTA Online: Crates VS Vehicle Imports – The Better Job?

Let’s see which CEO activity you should be spending the most of your time with

As all of you probably know by now, money is kind of a big thing in GTA On. You need a lot of it, but it’s kinda hard to earn if you don’t know what you are doing. Between our series of helpful guides and the power of the internet at your fingertips, it shouldn’t…

GTA Online: Guide To The Best Biker Business

Selling coke can make you dirty rich, emphasis on dirty

Intro Back in 2016, GTA On received a neat little update titled Bikers. Beyond fulfilling the community’s longest standing request for the game by adding an entire update’s worth of content centered on biker gangs, it also blessed us all with the Businesses, On’s most underrated way of making tons of cash with little effort….