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Lowriders Glitch Allows For Hydraulics Use In Garage

It didn’t take long for someone to find a glitch in the newest GTA On update. Luckily it isn’t some infinite money or instant leveling glitch, but instead a rather harmless mod which will produce a few sweet snaps. What do we mean by that? Read on… GTA V has seen a few substantial…

The GTA Online Lowriders Update Is Eating Wallets

Funny, back when the Lowriders update only existed as a rumor borne of a code-snippet reading “LOW” and a few references to new vehicles (which were rather cheap) people began to theorize that it would be some sort of “Lowlife” DLC to act as refreshment for players after Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 bre the bank….

GTA Online Lowriders Gets New Trailer

Just when you thought the hype train has reached its final destination, Rockstar decided the ride ain’t over till it’s over and released a new trailer just to rev up your excitement that much . This trailer for the Lowriders update, coming to GTA On later today, shows off what the newly reopened Benny’s Original…