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GTA Online’s Oppressor Lives Up To Name; Becomes Grief Machine

You’ll be wishing for the ‘good’ old Hydra days

Ever since the release of the Heists DLC for GTA On, one particular vehicle had gained a dreaded reputation for being the go-to tool of harassment used by griefers and trolls. The mere sight of the hated Hydra could compel players to hop into another lobby. But, now the age of the deadly fighter jet…

GTA 5’s Mount Chiliad Mystery Solved

It’s aliens. Yes, we’re just as surprised as you are

After almost four years of ing, theorizing and discussing discoveries, the GTA On community has finally cracked the so-called Mount Chiliad Mystery, and the result is… rather disappointing, actually. The culmination of all the conspiracy theories and extremely far-out concepts is a single, short, not particularly interesting mission involving the same aliens as the ones…

GTA Online: Gunrunning Coming June 13th, Trailer Released

More weaponized vehicles have been revealed

Rockstar Games has finally revealed the release date, as well as a trailer, for the highly anticipated Gunrunning DLC for GTA On. Naturally, in the hours since the video went live, the community has analyzed every single frame of footage to discover any new information about what to expect when the new content becomes available….

Gunrunning Is GTA Online’s Biggest DLC In 2017, But Not Its Last

Between success and the delay of RDR2, there’s no reason to think otherwise

This year, so far, has been a bumpy one for GTA On fans. With a noticeable slowdown in DLC releases, the impending release of Red Dead Redemption 2 and some troubling rumors, many were worried that soon we’d see the end of content support for the title. Even though there were a wealth of arguments…

GTA Online: Gunrunning’s Mobile Ops Center Rumored To Be Trailer

One of the most prominent leakers seemingly confirms our best guess

Rockstar Games recently revealed the first details about the upcoming Gunrunning DLC alongside a handful of screenshots. The post teased many of the features as opposed to outright describing them, including something that sounded a whole lot like a badass supervillain kind of mobile HQ, and now it seems that we have a near confirmation…

New GTA Online Bonuses Let You Prepare For Gunrunning

Grab extra cash from Businesses and Special Cargo

Rockstar Games seems keen on helping enterprising players gain starting capital in order to jump into Gunrunning next month with a new set of double rewards on some of the best money-making activities in the game. At the same time, they inadvertently might have given away the release date of the highly anticipated GTA…

GTA Online: Gunrunning Coming This June

Screenshots and details revealed

Rockstar Games has finally unveiled the previously teased Gunrunning update with some interesting details and a handful of screenshots, as well as provided a release window for this year’s biggest DLC, coming next month! Gunrunning was teased alongside the Special Vehicle Circuit update in the Cunning Stunts DLC-series, which was released earlier this year. However,…

How Much Money Will You Need For GTA Online’s Gunrunning DLC?

Players have been saving up, but will it be enough?

As we’re getting deeper and deeper into May, anticipation for the teased but as of yet unannounced gunrunning DLC for GTA On is mounting. Tempered by updates of the past, players have learned to stash their cash and grind up a great deal of starting capital so they can jump into the new content right…