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GTA V’s AI Car Stream Is All The Craze

Watch the adventures of Charles, a car driving AI

We’ve covered efforts to use GTA V’s virtual environment as a training ground for the AI programs intended to control self-driving cars in the past, but now one particular neural network attempting to brave the streets of Los Santos has achieved internet fame. Like any proper AI, this one has a name: Charles. Affectionately called…

The Entire Terminator 2 Movie Recreated in Grand Theft Auto V

Someone just took Rockstar Editor crossovers to the next level

We’ve written plenty about fantastic Rockstar Editor creations over the years, but this particular video eclipses everything we’ve featured before. Fans have used Grand Theft Auto V to recreate trailers and scenes from their other fandoms for as long as the Editor has been around, however never before did someone go and remake an entire movie….

GTA 5 Meets Drone Racing In New Mod

If you’re prone to motion sickness, we suggest not watching the videos

Commercial drones are a relatively new fad in the grand scheme of things, however enthusiasts have already come up with all kinds of wacky things to do with them – and no, we don’t mean voyeurism. With the immense popularity GTA 5 boasts, it overlaps with the fandom of countless other activities, so it was…

GTA Online’s Vehicle Vendetta A Breakout Success

An Adversary Mode that’s both fun and lucrative

Yesterday, Rockstar Games dropped the first GTA On DLC of 2017. It added a sleek new bike that can be extensively customized at Benny’s, as well as a new Adversary Mode. In spite of the bike being a real treat in terms of customization options and the track record of Adversary Modes in the past,…

GTA Online Gets New Round Of CEO Bonuses

Discounts and double-cash galore

It’s that time of the week again – a new GTA On bonus has been announced, with promotions starting today. In preparation for the very likely next week release of Import/Export, the focus this time around is, naturally, CEO gear. The discounts, the free collectible and the Modes getting the double RP and cash treatment…