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GTA 5’s Next Biggest Mod Is Project London

The gargantuan project has been WIP for a long time, but won’t be done for a while

GTA has become wiy popular and known for critiquing and satirizing typical American pop culture and society, with fictional versions of the most famous cities in the USA serving as locations for the games. However, the franchise has actually gone international in the past, and one of the most ambitious modding projects wants to take…

LibertyIV Mod For GTA 5 Cancelled

OpenIV may be back, but the new modding rules killed off their next project

Even though a massive fan effort to revive one of the most prominent toolsets used by the GTA 5 modding community was successful, the recent crackdown on both GTA On cheats and anything that alters the game, even in single player, has still claimed some victims. While OpenIV is once again being updated and distributed,…

GTA 5 Reviews Plummet As OpenIV Petition Hits 75,000 Signatures

The wrath of the players is bleeding over to other games’ review pages

Take-Two Interactive probably wasn’t prepared for a public backlash of this magnitude when they decided to issue a cease and desist notice to OpenIV, the team behind one of the most fundamental modding tools fuelling the community around GTA 5 single player modding.  In the days since, the fanbase has made their malcontent explicitly clear….

Major GTA 5 Modding Tool Shut Down By Take-Two

Open IV, the backbone of the modding community, has been shut down

Modding has always been an important part of GTA 5 on PC, with an extensive modding community producing content with which players could alter and expand the single player portion of the game. It wasn’t only regular players who enjoyed mods either, many video creators also relied on them for their creations. While mods have…

GTA 5 Voice Actors Teasing Something Again

Likely another prank, but the timing is impeccable with E3 running

After a long hiatus, GTA 5’s voice actor best known for trolling the community with content teases that ended up being fake is at it again. Shawn Fonteno, known for stringing fans along time and again has recruited the help of fellow voice actor Ned Luke in his latest gag. As always, there are a…

Rockstar Games At E3: What To Expect

Not a whole lot, unfortunately

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, arguably the biggest annual event in gaming, is just a few days away. Anticipation is mounting and some publishers are jumping the gun with pre-show-shows (such as EA Play) while gaming news sites are all posting predictions. Amid the news, the waiting, the leaks and the hype, there is one question…

Grand Theft Auto 5 Sells 80 Million Copies

Again, that doesn’t contain digital sales

Another quarter, another Take-Two investor call, another sales milestone. Really, none of us are surprised at this any, right? When we covered Grand Theft Auto 5 hitting 75 million copies after the last call, we said that it will easily hit 80 before the next one, and lo and behold… This means that the game…

GTA 5’s Mark On The Gaming Industry

You don’t need to be dead to leave a legacy

Grand Theft Auto 5’s overwhelming commercial and critical successes have already secured it a place in gaming’s hall of fame, but the real mark of greatness is being the muse of others. GTA 5 will undoubtedly go on to influence several other games in a multitude of ways – including the developers’ next title, Red…