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Bug Gives GTA Online Its Own Bermuda Triangle

An odd teleportation trigger has been dubbed the “Paleto Triangle” by fans

GTA On is generally known for being a very polished title, with the developers rarely allowing bugs to get through. While the occasional outfit glitch pop ups to entertain players and every now and then something goes awry with a new car added as DLC, things are usually solved quickly and the problem isn’t major…

GTA Online’s Store Clerks Mysteriously Disappeared

Though temporary, the issue was an odd one indeed

People who have played a lot of GTA On recently might be forgiven for thinking that the in-game universe’s equivalent of the rapture just occurred, not long after a major hacking incident. The problem came as quickly as it went, and while it stuck around it prevented the completion of daily objectives and the tutorial….

Rockstar Releases Fix For GTA Online Car Bug

The Infernus, and others affected, can now turn left properly

Remember that GTA On bug reported recently which affected a number of cars including the relatively new Infernus Classic, preventing them from turning left without spinning out uncontrollably? The one which was uncovered and thoroughly documented by the game’s racing community? Well, Rockstar has officially fixed the bug in record time. The story of what…

GTA Online’s Newest Car Introduced New Bug

The Infernus Classic isn’t the only car affected

The Pegassi Infernus Classic was added to GTA On on Tuesday alongside the Resurrection Adversary Mode. While the latter failed to make any major ripples in the community, the oldschool Infernus kicked up enough dust for the two of them on its own. Depending on what kind of a player you are, the new car…

GTA: Online Gun Locker Bug Fixed

A recently discovered issue regarding the cross-compatibility of the MC Clubhouse and CEO Office gun lockers has been addressed by Rockstar after a user reported the bug via Rockstar support. The gun lockers have been the long-anticipated answer to the poorly designed weapon wheel that has been plaguing GTA On pretty much since launch –…

GTA Online’s Newest & Fastest Car May Be A Surprise

GTA On is all about reversed fortunes, or so it seems. Be it from a balancing, a story or a game mechanic perspective, often times last becomes first in this game of chance. Be it buffed or nerfed weapons/vehicles from one patch to the next, the fortunes of the player characters in Story mode or…