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GTA Executives DLC Weekend Event

A few days back some players noticed that bonuses under the double RP and GTA$ weekend event on all Adversary Modes were still active, and they were still getting twice the regular reward. Another thing they noticed (and that received no announcement) was a Docktease sale on various water vehicles. These signs generally pointed to…

GTA Online Lowriders Week – Discounts And Giveaways

Hope you’ve been saving up, because Rockstar has a treat for you. While the double GTA $ and RP weekend event to commemorate Friday the 13th was a step in the right direction, Rockstar has now proven that it heard the community’s pleas regarding the insane prices of the Lowrider upgrades with this week-long event….

GTA Online Lowriders Brings Plenty Of Unlisted Features

The recent reveal, and subsequent release of the Lowriders update for GTA On had the community all excited for the new vehicles, sweet customization options, new weapons, a fourth property and new story missions from Lamar. The DLC’s existence was rud for a very long time before Rockstar decided to pull the curtain and announce…