Strange Origins: Mouth Breathers and Hunt the Beast Mode

Every now and then when you play games online, you bump into unsavory fellows. Sometimes its hackers who don’t understand the concept of “fun”, and are just overall sad, miserable excuses for human beings. Sometimes you encounter trolls, who relish in the annoyance of others. Sometimes its ragers, who will curse you and your relatives the moment something does not go their way, and will vow to eradicate your bloodline should they lose.


But sometimes, it is kind, nice, ordinary people who negatively impact the gaming experience with no ill will. Sometimes they are horrible at the game. Sometime they force you to do a reality check, because you think freaking Darth Vader entered the bloody room.

Mouth-breathers with overly sensitive microphones make coordinating as a team an impossible task. So much so, that back when Rockstar was running internal playtests of GTA Online, the QA team began to try and hunt down whichever colleague was breathing into their microphone. They attempted this based entirely on the sounds of the culprit – and thus, the idea for the Hunt the Beast game mode came into existence.

One day during one of the big GTA Online playtests we do across the studios, we could hear someone breathing and grunting heavily into the mic (…) No one knew who it was, so tracking the person down became priority number one.

– interview with IGN

Hunt the Beast involves one of the players in your GTA Online session becoming a half-werewolf, who then becomes invisible to the hunters, and who must reach marked checkpoints within a time limit. The hunters must track the werewolf via audio cues, and the werewolf becomes visible for a brief period of time whenever it reaches a checkpoint.

GTA Online Freemode Events will become available on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 on September 15.

Will you guys be trying out Hunt the Beast once the update launches?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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