Spice Up GTA V With Rippler’s Realism

Do you over feel like your GTA V experience is missing something, but don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of modding with all sorts of different files and utilities? Would you rather just play than fiddle around with a dozen different mods to get around compatibility conflicts? You don’t need all sorts of flashy new additions, just improvements to the stuff Rockstar already put into the game, as well as some deeper game mechanics? Rippler’s Realism might be perfect for you.

In one neat, user friendly mod, Rippler’s Realism adds some solid new game mechanics to GTA V’s single player mode. The mod started out as a weapon tweak which revamped the gunplay mechanics in GTA V to allow for more realistic combat. The shots from the grenade launcher exploded on impact like they’re supposed to, and the damage and rate of fire stats for several weapons were made to resemble their real life counterparts.

A later addition was a bullet penetration mechanic, which meant that shots passed through certain materials, like wood or thinner sheets of metal, causing damage to whatever or whoever was behind.

After several updates, a mechanic allowing players to fire pretty much any weapon from a vehicle while driving, even in first person, was added, giving you some new tactical options during a firefight or chase. Rippler, the mod’s author, also began porting over weapons from GTA Online exclusive DLCs, such as the PDW and Machine Pistol from their respective updates. DLC content showing up in single player thanks to mods is quite the popular trend.

Another tweak to the combat is the inclusion of damage states for the enemies, meaning that damage and wounds depend on what area of the body you hit, and what kind of protection the target is wearing on said body part.

Do you hope to see some more realistic game mechanics in GTA VI whenever it is released?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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